Consent forms to be completed.  We will keep a register of all attendees for each week of training. 


Parents/ Carer or Guardian & children must wear masks and not share transport to training with other Parents/ Carer or Guardian or children.  Cycling or walking is encouraged if possible.


Prompt arrival and leaving at the end of the session please to allow for changeovers to happen smoothly with limited contact.


All players (UNDER 17) must be accompanied by a parent/ carer or guardian to all sessions.


Parents/ Carer or Guardian to ensure their player keeps 1 metre distance from other children on arrival (avoiding hugs, shake of hands etc. to friends).  Parents/ Carer or Guardian watching training must maintain 1 meter distance from others.


Parents/ Carer or Guardian or players responsible for tying up laces.


Parents/ Carer or Guardian should bring tissues and / or antiseptic wipes and small first aid kit to all sessions in case of minor bleed or minor injury. This does not apply to holiday courses where staff will administer first aid..


Parents/ Carer or Guardian must ensure all training clothing washed / cleaned on return to home.


Parents/ Carer or Guardian or children who are showing any symptom, fever, continuous cough, loss of taste smell, MUST NOT ATTEND SESSIONS.


Children might be asked to leave session if they do not play within these guidelines and or if child continues to cough or sneeze (this may be due to high pollen) but for safety and enjoyment reasons may be advisable to leave session.


Parents/ Carer or Guardian must ensure their player has the following clothing & equipment to all sessions: Named hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial spray, shin guards, bottle of water with name on bottle plus any medication they may require.  All equipment used must be cleaned using anti – bacterial sprays & clothing must be washed at end of each session.


Parents/ Carer or Guardian must ensure their child understands before arriving to training the following rules:


Children to play safely you must:


Try to avoid touching anyone else and tackles with feet only.


Always wash your hands using hot water & soap or hand sanitizer for 20 seconds before , during if needed, after toilet and end of session.


Try to avoid touching your face with your hands and do not touch with hands any of coaching equipment, cones, goals, poles, etc.


If you sneeze or cough to cover nose and mouth with sleeve (not hands) or tissue which must be disposed of by parent after session.


Do not touch the football with your mouth and avoid touching ball with your hands.  If the ball is touched hands to be sanitized.


Listen to the instructions from the coach when they are explaining safety rules and how to play safe in the sessions.  


Finally Parents/ Carer or Guardian please remain vigilant at all sessions and notify your coach if you observe or have any concerns during training sessions.


We all need to work together to ensure our players can enjoy their football in a safe and enjoyable environment.


Tim Moylette

Soccer Development